Fuik Beach is a beautiful remote beach on the east coast of Curaçao. Fuik Beach is mainly known for a large event that Curaçaoans (locals) organise on the first Sunday of the year, FUIK DAY! During this event, many Curaçaoans come together by boat, jet ski or with anything that floats.

How do they party? You have to imagine a large group of people floating all day in the water and enjoy live DJ’s, good food and alcohol. The DJ’s performs from a boat and the audience floats in the water. It’s an amazing way to start the new year! The party is very popular among locals and tourist between 18 – 50 years!

Every Sunday to Fuik

Do you want to get a taste of the famous Fuik Beach? Then you must go on a boat trip to Fuik on Sunday! On the way to the bay, you can enjoy the beautiful coastline from the boat. Locals with boats or jet ski celebrate Sunday at the Fuik Beach. They will bring music and barbecue on board and many more… Sometimes the locals sail along the Santa Barbara Beach and after their pit stop they will sail further to Fuik. At Santa Barbara Beach you can enjoy the same vibe on Sunday as at Fuik Beach. So, it’s very nice to visit too on your way to the Fuik Beach.

Get ready for a nothing-to-do-on-Sunday-mood, take your floating bed with you and enjoy the moment as a local!

Image credits: Sergio Leenen


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