The Hato Caves exist for more than 200,000 years and are the most popular caves on Curaçao.

The Hato Caves have been officially a museum since 1991. The Curaçao government has restored the caves and made them accessible for visitors.

The caves must be on your Curaçao must-see list! Formerly the Hato Caves were inhabited by Arawak Indians and many years later they were used as slaves’ shelter.

Do you want to discover the oldest stalactite and stalagmites in Curaçao? Visit the Caves of Hato!

Image credits: Jeroen van Luin

Image credits: Charles Hoffman

Image credits: Jeroen vna Luin

Opening hours

The Hato Caves are open from Monday to Sunday from 9.00 - 16.00h.

For more information about the entrance fees visit the website of the Hato Caves.


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