Discover Curaçao Today

Discover Curaçao Today was established in 2018 by locals with a great love for the island, the people, the beaches, the nature and the local food. Discover Curaçao Today connects tourist with the locals of Curaçao and inspires them with great tips so they can explore and enjoy the island to the max!


Discover Curaçao strives to connect tourists with the local people of Curaçao. We want to show tourists how locals (yu di Kòrsou) spend their daily lives, how they enjoy Curaçao, because Curaçao has so much more to offer than the famous tourist attractions. With our platform we hope to show tourists all sides of Curaçao, so that they can get the most out of their holiday and enjoy Curaçao as a local!



Discover Curaçao stands for connecting tourists with the culture of Curaçao, the local population and the local entrepreneurs. We would like to achieve this mission by pointing out the many (cultural) activities and by involving local people and local entrepreneurs. We want to show tourists the unique sides of the island while stimulating the local economy. We’ll introduce them with aspects of the island that they would not discover by themselves. Discover Curaçao Today stands for the locals, therefor the slogan: Discover Curaçao Today, enjoy it as a local!