A whole day sightseeing in the heat of Punda can cause dehydration. After the umpteenth bottle of water, you most likely want to drink something different and more refreshing. We might have the ultimate Punda-day-drink for you: a delicious smoothie made by 100% Batidos located in Punda.

For years the owner of 100% Batidos has been making the best batidos on the island in his Batidos truck! The Batidos are made with fresh fruits and only after an order has been placed. Locals often drink the smoothies with some milk and sugar! Do you want milk or sugar added? Just, say so! Our favorites are the banana and the mango smoothies. Besides smoothies you can also buy Pastechi and Johnny Cake at 100% Batidos, these are pastries locals eat as breakfast. You can order a Pastechi and/or Johnny Cake at almost every eatery.

Image credits: Omnitravel

Image credits: Omnitravel

Try a smoothy at 100% Batidos and discover why locals love their batidos.


100% Batidos can be found in the heart of Punda near the Floating Market and Plaza Bieu! It is located next to a very large orange building that used to be our old post office.

Besides 100% Batidos, there are other batidos trucks on CuraƧao that are as delicious!

Have you been to one of these batidos trucks after reading this article, please share your experience with us!