Are you looking for the perfect beach holiday? Somewhere you can lie on the beach and be served like royalty while reading a book? Then Curaçao is the best choice you can make!

We have the most beautiful blue sandy beaches, where you can let yourself be massaged by the waves in the water. You’ll discover yourself on this tropical island and we can guarantee you’ll forget all your responsibilities and day-to-day worries. A magical paradise for sunny beach lovers.

We have compiled a list with our favorite beaches for your ultimate beach holiday on Curaçao!


The sun, the beach and the cocktails

Mambo beach is the most popular beach on the island. Here you’ll feel like a celebrity. This beach is loved by locals and tourist, because it’s the place to be for beach lovers. During the day it’s a paradise where you can relax, enjoy the sun and the sound of the waves. In the evening, Mambo beach turns into a party Walhalla. All this makes Mambo Beach one of our favorite beaches!

Image credits: Tom Jervis

Discover Mambo Beach!


For your ultimate beach holiday

One of our favorite beaches to sunbath, relax in the tropical blue water and to enjoy soft background music is Cabana Beach. It all feels magical at Cabana Beach, a must visit for your ultimate beach holiday!

Image credits: Cabana Beach

Discover Cabana Beach!


For a beautiful sunset

There is a lot of beaches on the island where you can enjoy a nice sunset, but at Jan Thiel beach you’ll experience it at another level. Besides being one of the most relaxing beaches on the island, the fact that you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets here makes Jan Thiel one of our favorites. And a must visit for everyone!

Image credits: Falco Ermert

Discover Jan Thiel Beach!


Relax between the coconut trees

Relax on the beach and enjoy good food? That’s the ultimate goal of everyone on a beach holiday. For a good meal at a beautiful and cozy beach we recommend you to visit Kokomo Beach. It’s the place where you can enjoy the beach, the sun, a good meal and a good party! Yes, Kokomo Beach is well-known for their biggest beach parties on the island.

Discover Kokomo Beach!


White sands and warm, turquoise water

Cas Abao is a must when visiting Curacao! You can’t be on the island and miss this beautiful white sand beach with warm and turquoise water! There is nowhere on the island where you can enjoy the sun and the beach as you do in Cas Abao. It’s an unexplainable feeling, that you have to discover for yourself!

Image credits:: Falco Ermert

Discover Cas Abao!


Sunny, quiet with a lovely vibe

Pirate bay is a secluded beach perfect for those who are looking for peace and a sunny beach to relax. It’s also a paradise for people who loves to swim. Here you’ll feel like a pirate of the Caribbean and would even want to conquer the island! Because who doesn’t like the idea of having their own private beach?

Image credits: Casal Partiu

Discover Pirate Bay!