At the Blue Room Cave, something magical happens between the sun and the water, transforming the underwater cave into a blue room. It is a special natural phenomenon. You can visit the Blue Room Cave by boat or with a canoe. You’re in for an adventure? Then we recommend you to go with the canoe. It’s 15 minutes paddling to the cave. The best time to go to the Blue Cave Room is around noon, when the sun is at its sharpest.

Once you arrive at the entrance of Blue Room Cave you can attach your canoe to a pole and then you have to take a dip into the Blue Room. If the water is high you have to take a two-meter dive to enter the cave. Once there you will be overwhelmed by this special natural phenomenon.

Important information:

- The trip to the Blue Room Cave is suitable for sporty people

- And for children who can swim well

- Bring your own snorkels

- Bring your underwater camera

- Do not take anything valuable with you that’s not waterproof


At Captain Goodlife you can rent a canoe for a few bucks (guilders). Would you rather go by boat? That is possible too! Book your trip with Captain Goodlife through:

Telephone number: +5999 8640438

For more information about Captain Goodlife, visit his website.

Location Captain Goodlife

Location Blue Room Cave

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