Do you want to quickly understand and speak Papiamentu? Then you must visit the Bon Bini Snack. Bon Bini Snack is a popular eatery next to Bon Bini Supermarket in Brievengat and its mainly visited by locals.

At the Bon Bini Snack you can order delicious take-out meals or you can choose to eat-in and join the locals (mostly elderly). It’s always busy at Bon Bini Snack, its open for breakfast (6.00 am) and closes until 10.00 pm. After the morning rush hour, you’ll find mostly the elderly sitting here. They come here to drink coffee or just to hang around and chat with each other.

The main dishes are ‘krioyo’ (=local) and are prepared by our local chefs. You can order anything from chicken and fries to local dishes such as: Kabritu stoba (stewed goat with rice), Karni Stoba (stewed meat with rice), Galiña di smoor (stewed chicken). Bon Bini Snack has a special place in our heart, because this eatery reflects the multicultural identity of Curaçao. Although we call the employees locals, most of them are not born in Curaçao. Yet they can cook our local meals as it was their own. Most of the employees are immigrants from Colombia, Portugal/Madeira and Dominican Republic.

At the Bon Bini Snack you can learn to speak Papiamentu within 5 days, because most of the employees can’t speak English. So, there is a big chance you’ll have to order your food in Papiamentu. At Bon Bini Snack you can experience Curaçao as a local! Don’t you worry about the mispronunciation, because locals love it when tourist try to say a word in Papiamentu. With astonishment they will ask you: 'Oh, do you speak Papiamentu !?' Then you can answer with pride: ‘Un tiki’ (just a little), haha.

Visit the Bon Bini Snack for your local meal and share you experience with us!


Bon Bini Snack is near the Bon Bini Supermarkt.