Caracas bay is a beach on the east side of Curaçao. At the right side of the beach is a lot of nature and on the left a lot of beautiful villas. Caracas Bay is a popular beach among Curaçaoans (locals). For young and old, this beach is very cozy and fun, the vibe here is very local. Caracas Bay is not a white sandy beach, but this beach is all about conviviality.

Caracas Bay is very busy in the weekends and during school holiday. It is a beach where you will find a lot of locals barbecuing, so there is always a lot of food around you. People will bring their own music: portable radios, cars with big speakers and so on. All with all, a pleasant bustle. This is how locals enjoy their weekends, birthdays and holidays. On weekdays it is very quiet at Caracas Bay, so if you want some peace we advise you to avoid the weekends at Caracas Bay.

Caracas Bay is a public beach with many parking facilities. The water is wonderful to take a dip. Are you fit and you dare to try something out? There is a huge buoy in the water where you can jump from. Awesome, but only for people who dare!


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