Caracasbaai is a neighbourhood named after Caracas Bay (Caracasbaai). On the right side of the beach you will find an area of outstanding natural beauty and on the other side there is the beautiful neighborhood of Caracasbaai and Jan Thiel. Which you will find a lot of beautiful villas. As much as we love to tell you about our beautiful houses, we would like to tell you more about the nature and adventurous side of the Caracas Bay.

From the hills of the Caracas Bay you will have a beautiful and relaxing view. It is possible to see the Caribbean Sea and the Spanish Water. The Spanish Water is a lagoon that flows into the Caribbean Sea. On Sundays you can see a lot of Yachts in this area. There is a Yacht Club at the Spanish Water and locals love to enjoy their Sunday on the pier at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort.

There are several routes to get on the top of the Caracas Bay hills. Below we have drawn two routes for you. The starting point is at the Caracas Bay.

Route 1

Route 2

We have added a few pictures to inspire you, and make you ready for your holiday on the island.