Cas Abao is a must when visiting Curacao! You can’t be on the island and miss this beautiful white sandy beach! There is nowhere on the island where you can enjoy the sun and the beach as much as you will do in Cas Abao. It’s an unexplainable feeling, that you have to discover for yourself!

You cannot miss the turquoise water of Cas Abao during your holiday! Wonderful water temperature and it is so clear that you can even see the fish swimming around your feet. A great and beautiful beach to go with your family. There is plenty to do for children, think for example of a water trampoline and kayaking. Or maybe you would like to take a Jet Ski tour in in the surrounding area of Cas Abao? All this is possible at Cas Abao.

Image credits: Falco Ermert

What we should not forget to mention is that Cas Abao is also very beautiful for snorkeling. Once you start snorkeling along the cliffs, you might forget the time and imagine yourself swimming in an aquarium. It is wonderful to snorkel here because the water is so pure and clear. Heaven for adventurous snorkelers!

At Cas Abao there are various facilities such as:

- Shower

- Toilet

- Bar (Daiquiri bar)

- Restaurant (for lunch and snacks)

- Beach beds

- Ample parking


Cas Abao is accessible by car. Entrance fee goes by car.

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