In the Christoffel National Park you come across different animal species and plants that cannot be seen anywhere else on the island. Chances are you will find orchids, owls, deer, and mountain goats.

Image credits: Kai VV

Image credits: Holy Bobula

Image credits: Anja Disseldorp

Image credits: Anja Disseldorp

There are eight hiking routes that guides you through the different parts of the national park. There is even a route for adventurous people, where you can climb the highest mountain of Curaçao. The mountain is 373 meters high and has the most beautiful view of the island.

We advise you to go climb the mountain early in the morning, because after 8.00 am it will be very warm. Moreover, it is important to know that route to the top contains more climbing than hiking. The first 20 minutes you will be hiking and after that it’s a combination of climbing and hiking. But the reward that you will get after this adventure is outstanding: the most beautiful and widest view on the island.

Are you interested in a hiking holiday and wants to discover all the routes? Then you will need at least 1 day to see the most of the Christoffel National Park. The park is split in two sides, right and left. On the left side you will have for example the museum Savonet, that used to be a country house. And on the left side you'll have the mountain. It’s possible to visit the museum after climbing the mountain!

Opening hours:

The Christoffel National Park is open from Monday to Sunday from 6 am - 3 pm.

After 10.00 in the morning it is not allowed to climb the mountain!

Visit the website of Christoffelberg for more tickets details.


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