Den Paradera is the herb garden of our famous Dinah Veeris. Dinah is a CuraƧaoan herbal healer, born on April 20, 1939. She studied 'Herbal Studies' in the United States at the California School. Besides Herbal Studies in the US, she has followed several courses in different countries such as: Cuba, Venezuela and Indonesia. Furthermore, Dinah has gained a lot of knowledge from senior citizens who also has a lot of knowledge about medicinal herbs.

In 1991 Dinah Veeris opened Den Paradera, her own herb garden, especially for the locals. Are you curious about her range of medicinal herbs? Visit Den Paradera and let her inspire you.

Opening hours:

Den Paradera is open from Monday to Saturday from 09:00h to 18:00h.


For more information about Den Paradera and tours, visit the website.