Always dreamt about being in a natural aquarium? Your dream might come true! Get ready to discover the most beautiful corals, sponges and colourful fishes at the Director’s Bay, the place to be for divers and snorkelers. In the past, the Director’s Bay (Directeursbaai) was used as a private beach by the Shell directors on Curaçao, therefore the name Bay of the Directors.

This bay has become a popular diving location for divers on Curaçao. Even the former Dutch Queen Beatrix has dived in this tropical bay. Especially for her security, nets have been installed to protect her against sharks.

The Director's bay is spectacular on both sides of the cliff (left and right). The drop-off at this site goes more than 40 meters deep, this beach is loved by deep divers. From the Director’s Bay it is also possible to dive or snorkel to the Tugboat . another beautiful diving location. If you want to dive to the Tugboat we advise you to park a second car at the Tugboat. There is no way that you can walk back to the Director's Bay while carrying all your gear.

Important information

Suitable for: Beginner divers, advanced divers and snorkeling

Flow: Little flow

Diving type: shore dive

Soil: Coral and sand

Water type: Salt

View: 30 meters

Access: Free access

Facilities: There are no facilities at the Director Bay where you can get food or drinks. Bring your own food and drink!

Emergency number: 912 (ambulance) + 911 (Police)


On weekdays there is security on the Director Bay and there is enough parking.

Diving equipment rental

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