Enjoying the sun, the beach and delicious food while listening to local music? That’s what you will experience at Grote Knip (Playa Kenepa). Every Sunday, locals will celebrate the weekend here on this public beach.

Grote Knip is the most popular beach on Curaçao. The water is so clear that you can see the fish swimming around your feet. The sand is so white and clean. A wonderful paradise to enjoy your holiday.

How does your ultimate beach day looks like? Do just want to relax and have a good sunbath? Do you want to build big sand castle? Or you just want to take a deep dive to refresh? That's all possible at the Grote Knip or Playa Kenepa as locals call it. The weekends are the busiest moment at Playa Kenepa, because then many locals will come to the beach to celebrate the weekend.

Do you want to see how locals enjoy their day off at the beach?

Imagine everywhere around you barbecuing. You will see the best kind meals and will you’ll die of the delicious smell coming out of the barbecue. The locals bring their prepared meat from home and will barbecue the whole afternoon until five o'clock.

While the parents are preparing the food, the children and teenagers enjoy themselves in the water. Do you also want to barbecue during your holiday and enjoy Curacao as a local? You can buy a disposable barbecue at almost every supermarket (and at most Chinese minimarket). Bring extra lighters, just in case!

Would you rather go to Grote Knip when it is less busy? Then we advise you to go during the week. Most Curaçaoans have to work and therefore they only go to the beach on weekends. Grote Knip is then wonderfully quiet so you can enjoy the sounds of the waves and the birds in the neighborhood.

Image credits: Falco Ermert


At Grote Knip there is plenty of parking during the week but in the weekends, it is hard to find a parking spot. In that case, you can park your car safely along the road.


At Grote Knip there are various facilities:

- Palapa’s

- Beach beds (not free)

- Toilet

- Shower

- Mini bar (drinks and chips)

Important information

In the evening it can be very dark here. If you’re staying till late in the evening? Be prepared and watch for your own safety.

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