When visiting Curacao, you must visit our harbor. All the cruise ships and ferry’s visiting Curacao sails through the water of St. Anna Bay. The joint history of Curaçao and Europe exists mainly because of this beautiful natural harbor.

The Maritime Museum of Curaçao provides one tour through the harbor in English and Dutch. The tour is highly recommended!

All the children of Curacao must visit the Maritime Museum and the harbor of Curacao. So all the locals of Curacao have been on a Ferry tour in our harbor. That’s why we think it’s also a must see for the tourist to visit our harbor, so you can discover Curacao as a local. As a child we loved to see how many ships came into our port every day. It is almost unbelievable that such a small island as Curaçao attracts so much traffic! Curaçao has the oldest and busiest harbor in the Caribbean.

In the Maritiem Museum of Curaçao you will discover more than 500 years maritime history. The maritime history is clarified by different exhibitions consisting of authentic nautical maps, ship models and navigation equipment. Would you like to experience Curaçao as a local? Then you cannot miss this tour.

Image credits: Babak Fakhamzadeh

Boat trip in the harbor

The tours are every Wednesday and Saturday at 2 pm.

The admission ticket costs FL 17.50. (13+ & adult)

The entrance fee for children older than 6 costs FL 8.75 (6-12 years)

Reservations are required!

You can reserve by telephone or by e-mail.

Phone: +5999 465 2327

E-mail: info@curacaomaritime.com

For more information about the Maritime Museum of Curacao, visit their website!


The tours starts at the Maritime Museum of Curacao.

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