Everywhere in Curaçao you can buy a good local meal: in the city, on the beach, you name it. But there is only one special place where your food is made with 100% Vitamin L. For a good meal after a long day at the Wespunt Beach, Playa Piskado or Playa Kalki we recommend you to pay a visit to Jaanchie's place. Jaanchie has a secret ingredient for every dish, namely: Vitamin L. Jaanchie believes that love goes through the stomach, so that’s why you’ll taste the Vitamin Love in your food.

For years Jaanchie has been working in his restaurant at Westpunt. He inherited this restaurant from his father. Jaanchie shares his love for the local food with everyone. He personally comes to your table and takes the order himself. With a lot of love for his work he explains to you clearly what each dish entails and what you can expect from the food. Jaanchie is very attentive and wants to serve his guests as well as possible. There is no local that can explain so much about our local food with such a love, you must visit during your holiday and experience it for yourself.

Image credits: Chika Watanabe


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