Do you want to enjoy our beautiful nature with friends or family in a different way? How does kayaking sounds? There are several places on Curaçao where you can kayak, but our favorite place is between the mangroves at Piscadera Bay.

In 2007, Ryan de Jongh a local who has a great love for Curaçao, the beaches and the mangroves, started a campaign to plant mangroves in the bays of Curaçao. Piscadera Bay was the first bay where Ryan started to plant the mangroves. Over nine years Ryan planted 100,000 mangroves in six bays and this all by himself.

Why did Ryan start this campaign? He saw that the mangroves in Curaçao were at an elevated threat of extinction and the government wasn't paying much attention to this matter. So, he decided to plant mangroves year after year all by himself. This makes Piscadera Bay a very special location for kayaking.

Kayaking with Ryan.

Ryan himself also gives Kayak tours in Santa. Cruz. According to Ryan, Santa Cruz is the cleanest bay in Curaçao, because there are many mangroves there (Trouw, 2016). Do you want to hear Ryan's story and see how he protects the bays of Curaçao on his own and without government funding? View this website for more details about Kayaking with Ryan.

Would you rather not tour, but independently kayak through the bays of Curaçao? Visit this website for more information about renting kayaks


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