Galiña ku batata (grilled chicken and fries), are the three words you need to know when ordering at a food truck in Curaçao. There are several food trucks or: ‘Truck di pan’ as we locals call it, where you can order delicious grilled chicken, grilled beef and more. But Kòki Riba Blòki is one of the most famous Truck di pan where locals go to get the most delicious grilled meal.

The Truck di pan concept is a part of the nightlife of Curaçao. Almost all Curaçao residents get a nice meal after a night out at a Truck di pan. Kòki Riba Blòki has been very popular among the locals in the recent years. Sometimes it is very busy at the food trucks and you’ll have to wait in the queue, but we can guarantee that the wait is worth it!

Kòki Riba Blòki has a varied menu, but our favorite dish is the grilled chicken with fries. Locals combine the fries with a lot of peanut sauce, garlic sauce and salsa rosada (a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise). A wonderful combination!

Note: Truck di pan can be very addictive, do not eat too often during your vacation!

Order a meal at Koki Riba Bloki or at one of the Trucks di pan you might see along the road! How do you know which ones are good? If you see a lot of parked cars near the Truck di pan or a queue of people: Then you know, it’s good!

Opening hours:

The Trucks di pan are only open in the evening starting from 8.00 pm until 3.00 am!


Have you visited Koki Riba Bloki or another Truck di pan after reading this article? Please share your experience with us!