In 2011, this natural beach paradise was made accessible for tourists and locals. The beach is best known by the locals as the place to be every full moon! Kokomo Beach organizes every month one of the biggest beach parties: Full Moon. It’s one of the most famous beach parties in Curaçao. It is always crowded by tourists and locals. Kokomo is now known not only for its parties, but also for their delicious cuisine. Magical things happen in the kitchen of Kokomo Beach!

Who doesn’t want to enjoy delicious meals while lying under the coconut tree? That is a dream that becomes reality at Kokomo Beach. Kokomo is a nice beach to relax and enjoy quietness. The beach also very loved by children.

There are beach beds available. You can choose to lie in the sun or in the shade, there is something for everyone!

The bartenders of Kokomo can spoil you with a delicious cocktail or a cold beer while you lie on your bed. What’s your favorite beer? Heineken, Amstel Bright, Polar (Venezuelan beer) or a you’ll just go with Long Island cocktail?


Kokomo has enough parking space and is easily accessible by car.

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