Komedor Krioyo is a local restaurant and it it very popular for their creole dishes. Its located in a country house surrounded by nature at the west side of Curacao. The restaurant is also known as Dokterstuin, named after the country house.

Komedor Krioyo is visited daily by locals and tourists. The reason why this restaurant is very popular, is because it has more to offer than just food. When entering the restaurant, you’ll see a small exhibition of objects used by slaves that used to work in this country house. Komedor Krioyo reflects a little bit of our history and that’s what makes this restaurant so special. It is more than just a regular local restaurant. When eating here, you’ll be brought back in time!

Komedor Krioyo means ‘the local dining room’. In fact, the dining room is a large covered terrace, where you can breathe fresh air and hear the birds singing.

To give you an idea of the local dishes we have selected our favorites at Komedor Krioyo:

- Kabritu stoba (Stewed goat)

- Banana stoba (stewed banana with meat)

- Piska Kora (Red Snapper)

If you want to eat good local food and enjoy the it as a local, you must visit Komedor Krioyo!


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