Koraal Tabak is a nature reserve located on the northeast side of Curaçao. It’s a public nature reserve, here you can discover the beautiful flora and fauna of the east side of Curaçao. Which differs a lot from the Shete Boka National Park or Christoffel Park at the west side.

It is very quiet in Koraal Tabak, but sometimes you can see locals walking around or tourists doing the buggy tours. It is fun and adventurous to drive around in the nature of Koraal Tabak. Sometimes you can feel lost, but believe us you won’t! Eventually you'll end up on the main road again, because luckily Curaçao is not that big. There is even a cave in Koraal Tabak. The cave is not as big as the Hato Caves , but it’s something to admire!

There are beautiful bays and beaches in Koraal Tabak. They are not all suitable for swimming, so you have to assess for yourself if it’s possible. It’s all on your own risk. Sometimes there are a lot of stones, which makes it hard to swim.

You might even see our local fishermen trying to catch some Red Snappers or Masbangu (local fishes). Sometimes they might be fishing in a boat or on a cliff at the beach. They often stay days there until they have a good catch. Do you like fishing too? Ask them if you can join them. Locals would love it!

A day at Koraal Tabak is an unique experience.

We have created a map that your can use to discover Koraal Tabak.

Route to Sint Joris Bay

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