Curaçao used to have an important role in the slave trade in the Caribbean. At museum Kura Hulanda you'll discover the story behind the harbor and the slave trade in Curaçao.

Museum Kura Hulanda has a beautiful African exhibition. It's a collection of objects which was used to punish the slaves. There is also a lot of musical instruments to be seen that the slaves used to play on, while working on the plantations. At Kura Hulanda you will see a replica of a ship that was used to transport the slaves to Curaçao. Just go inside, take a look and imagine how the slaves had to sit in such a ship for months!

Museum Kura Hulanda is certainly an interesting museum if you want to discover the history of Curaçao!

Opening hours:

Museum Kura Hulanda is open from Monday to Saturday from 9.30– 16.30 pm.


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