Mambo Beach is the most famous beach in Curaçao. In 2012 the beach club has been renovated and it’s been renamed to Madero Beach Club. However locals still call it Mambo Beach. Every day the beach is visited by a lot of people, mainly tourist. Madero Beach is also very popular among the locals. Madero Beach Club is part of the Mambo Beach Boulevard. Every day people come here for the beach, to shop or just to grab a bite at one of the many restaurants. Everyday there is something going on at the beach.

During the weekends there is happy hours and the beach will be transformed into a party beach. Friday and Sunday are the busiest day. Little happens in the water itself during the beach parties, because everyone enjoys themselves at the bars or on the dance floor. Mambo Beach has a big influence on the nightlife of locals in Curaçao. The local teens are first allowed to go to the beach party at Mambo Beach and later on they are allow to go to the club. So the habit of visiting Mambo Beach on weekends grow along with the years. So, every local will visit Mambo Beach on their first night out and will continue doing it till they are adults.

Because Curaçao is an intimate little island, most people know each other and therefore often go to the same locations to catch up or just to celebrate the weekend, as we say in Papiamentu: 'selebra bida!'

Madero Beach Club is a beautiful beach to relax and enjoy some good cocktails. The staff is very friendly and ensures that you experience the ultimate beach holiday. At Madero Beach Club you can rent beach beds and beach chairs. You can stay here all day without getting bored! The beach is quite large and borders several other beaches such as: Cabana Beach, Wet 'n Wild, Lions Dive, Sea Aquarium and so on.

Madero Beach Club is suitable for young and old. You can participate in all kinds of sports such as beach volleyball. There is so much to experience here and it is highly recommended if you visit Curaçao for the first time!


Mambo Beach is easily accessible by car or public transport. From Punda you can take a direct bus to Mambo Beach. The journey takes about 15 minutes and you will be dropped off right in front of the Boulevard entrance.

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