Are you wondering how Curaçaoans used to live? The you must visit museum Kas di Pal'i Maishi.

Kas = house

Pal'i maishi = corn stalks

In the early years, the houses on Curaçao were made of clay and the roof was made of corn stalks, hence the name: Kas di pal'i Maishi.

The Kas di Pal'i Maishi was built 130 years ago and it gives a good insight of how Curaçaoans (locals) used to live. This cottage is one of the protected 'slaves house or Kas di kunuku' of Curaçao. Several 'kunuku houses' have been restored by the charity Stichting Monumentenzorg. Some people have inherited kunuku houses and they are now often used as a garden shed.

At museum Kas di Pal'i Maishi you can see how people lived in Curaçao until 1950. You will get a clear picture of how the slaves used to live in Curaçao and how the generations thereafter have taken over the African culture. In the museum you can see many objects used by the Curaçaoans.

In the backyard of the museum there is a local restaurant where you can grab a bite. Warm meals are served around lunch time. Visit this museum restaurant and experience the taste of our local dishes.

Opening hours:

Kas di Pal'i Maishi is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 09.00 am - 15.00 pm.


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