Playa Lagun is an inlet on the west side of Curaçao. Playa Lagun is known for its beautiful dive and snorkel spot. But locals do also celebrate their weekend at Playa Lagun.

Celebrate weekend? Yes. Under the big trees at the right side of the beach you can see the locals barbecuing. They often come in the early morning to find a good sitting spot. Or they’ll have weekend-camping on the beach. Even beach camping is possible in Curaçao! Bring your tents and sleeping bags so you can enjoy the island as a local.

Are you ready for the ultimate barbecue adventure at Playa Lagun? First thing first: be on time so you can find a good spot to you barbecue. Bring your disposable barbecue, meat and vegetables so you can enjoy a good meal! For more tips how to prepare for the ultimate beach barbecue read this article .

Playa Lagun is also very beautiful in the evening. In the surrounding area you’ll find very nice restaurants and beach apartments.

At Playa Lagun the number of parking spots is limited. During the week you are more likely to get a parking spot.

If you are interested in snorkeling and diving at Playa Lagun, read more about it here!

Image credits: Falco Ermert

Image credits: Falco Ermert


Parking lot

The number of parking spots at Playa Lagun is limited. During the week you are more likely to find a parking spot.

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