Playa Lagun is one of our favorite dive and snorkel sites, because it is surrounded by high cliffs and it feels like a natural aquarium. Near the wall you can admire all the beautiful corals and sponges. You can also spot many starfish, seahorses, lobsters and hedgehog fish. If you are lucky, you will also encounter a lionfish or a moray eel. There is also a big chance that you will even spot a turtle in the water of Playa Lagun.

When you’re diving at Playa Lagun, you’ll feel like you are in an underwater paradise, a real aquarium. An unforgettable experience if it is your first-time diving or snorkeling in Curaçao.

When you arrive at Playa Lagun, you will see many fishing boats. Playa Lagun is very popular among the local fishermen.

Image credits: Falco Ermert

Image credits: Falco Ermert

Important information

Suitable for: Beginner divers, advanced divers and snorkeling.

Access: Free access, pay for using sunbeds.

Facilities: Diving school and restaurants

Water type: Salt

Diving type: shore diving, wall diving

Flow: Limited

View: 30 meters

Depth: up to 40 meters

Soil: Coral and Sand

Emergency: 912


Diving equipment rental

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