Plaza Bieu! is one of the top 3 sights of Curaçao that you cannot miss!

At Plaza Bieu! you can experience the culture of Curacao: our how-to-prepare-the-food traditions, the way we communicate with each other and some of our daily behavior. You’ll not only get to know the locals better, but you will discover the local cuisine!

Plaza Bieu! is divided into different restaurants with similar menus. Some people do have a preference at which restaurant they eat. We have tested all and we like them all.

The most popular restaurants are ‘Zus di Plaza’ and ‘Yvonne’!

At Plaza Bieu! you can eat anything local. Our favorite dishes are:

- Yambo (Okra soup)

- Filet di piska (Fish fillet)

- Kabritu stoba (Stewed goat)

- Galiña di stoba (Stewed chicken)

- Arepa di pampuna (Pumpkin pancakes)

A must try snack is the delicious Arepa di Pampuna that you can buy at Zus di Plaza. When visting Plaza Bieu! we always take some Arepa home!

Image credits: Bionicgirl


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