Are you ready for the most adventurous trip on the island? We can guarantee you one of the most beautiful sightseeing in Curacao. Uncle Harry’s Crazy Tours will be your guide for the quad tour. They will take you on a trip where you will discover more about our nature and secret rides. They’ve mapped out some amazing routes that will give you an unforgettable vacation! The quad tour is a fun way to discover parts of the island, where you normally cannot come by car. Even children (older than 10 years) can join you on this trip!

Uncle Harry’s Crazy Tours provides a small-scale tour on quads. They are known for their personal attention and private tours. Uncle Harry's Crazy Tours strives to let its customers discover the roots of Curaçao. Go on an adventure with Uncle Harry and discover Curaçao as a local! With Uncle Harry Crazy Tours you will pass through the following sights: Hato Airport, Hato Caves, San Pedro, Flamingos, Tula Museum, Williwood, Daaiboy Beach, Jan Kok, Bullenbaai and so on.

Important information:

- You need a valid driving license to drive the quad.

- Childrens older than 10 years old are allowed to travel as passengers.

- A tour consists of a maximum of 16 people (8 drivers and 8 passengers).

- It is important that you are fit on the day of the tour, because it will be a long day.

- Bring your own food and drinks!


The tours are from Monday to Saturday.

It starts at 9.30 am and ends at 1.30 pm.

Reservations are required!

You can make a reservation on their website


The starting point is at the intersection of the Parallelweg -Rondeweg in Julianadorp.

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