The love for food in Curaçao is real! Whether it is at a restaurant, at a snack or at food truck. For the locals, love goes through their stomach. We would like to introduce you to the flavors of Curaçao. We have created a list with our favorite eateries. These are the must visit if you want to discover the flavors of Curaçao as a local!


For the tastiest chicken!

Are you coming to Curaçao to enjoy our delicious food? Then you should stop by Kòki Riba Blòki. This is the one of the best-known food trucks in Curaçao. Here you can eat some good grilled chicken, with the BEST fries and home-made peanut sauce!

Image credits: KokiRibaBloki

Discover Kòki Riba Blòki!


Made with vitamin L

Once in Curaçao you should definitely pass by Jaanchie's to taste our local meals. Jaanchie uses a secret recipe: Vitamin L. Everything that comes from his kitchen is made with 100% Love!

Discover Jaanchie!


Enjoy a good meal with the locals

Do you want to quickly understand and speak to Papiamentu? Then you must visit the Bon Bini Snack. Here you can order your local take-out meals or you can choose to eat-in and join the locals (mostly elderly). Once visiting here you’ll feel how it is to be a local and you’ll learn Papiamentu very quick. You might even have to place your in Papiamentu because most of the employees doesn’t speak English. At the Bon Bini Snack you can taste the flavors of Curaçao. Do you want to know more about Bon Bini Snack?

Discover Bon Bini Snack!


Here you can experience Curaçao at its best!

At Plaza Bieu! you can experience the local cuisine at its best. You can see how our famous local chefs prepare your food until it’s served at your table! Plaza Bieu! is loved by locals, it’s our favorite restaurant, the place to be for a good local meal!

Image credits: bionicgirl

Discover Plaza Bieu!


Enjoy a good meal surrounded by nature

After spending the whole morning hiking, swimming of climbing the Christoffelberg you’ll be craving for a good local meal! When visiting the westside of Curacao we’ll recommend you to pass by Komedor Krioyo at Dokterstuin. If you ask any local where in Banda Abou you can eat a good local meal, they’ll definitely tell you to visit Komedor Krioyo. Treat yourself a delicious meal!

Discover Komedor Krioyo!


For the tastiest smoothies!

A whole day sightseeing in the heat of Punda can cause dehydration. After the umpteenth bottle of water, you most likely want to drink something different and more refreshing. We might have the ultimate Punda-day-drink for you: a delicious smoothie made by 100% Batidos located in Punda. You’ll find them next to the old post office and before Plaza Bieu! This batidos truck has been selling the best smoothies on the island for years. We have 1 rule when visiting Punda: we can’t go home without our banana smoothie… hmm we are already craving for it! It is highly recommended, you must check it out!

Image credits: OmniTravel

Discover 100% Batidos!