The power of the Caribbean Sea can be seen at the Shete Boka Park. Shete Boka literally means in Papiamento: the seven mouths. This refers to the seven natural inlets of the northern coastline, such as: Boka Pistol, Boka Tabla, Boka Wandomi. The coastline is more than 10 km long and is very popular among the turtles. Different species of turtles come in these inlets or bays to lay their eggs.

There are different routes to the inlets, they are accessible on foot or by car. The roads are less suitable for a normal passenger car but it is possible, that is part of the adventure!

Would you rather go for a walk? There are two walking routes of about 1 hour:

1) Route Boka Pistol

2) Route Boka Wandomi

If you go to the Shete Boka Park, make sure you have a camera with you because what mother nature does with the water here, is worth to capture. At Boka Pistol (pistol = the rifle) the water hits the rocks with such a strong force that it might sound like a gunshot.

At Boka Tabla you even have a natural underground cave, where the water comes to your feet. Wonderful to capture, Instagram approved! Please be careful when you enter the cave, because it can be slippery.

On the map below you can see how the Shete Boka Park is divided.

Opening hours

Are you ready to discover the power of mother nature at the Shete Boka Park?

The park is open every day from 9 am to 4 pm.

After 4 pm, visiting the park is at your own risk!

View the website of Shete Boka Park for more information about the entrance tickets.