Do you need to blow off some steam during your holiday? Then surfing in Curaçao is definitely something for you. In Curaçao there are three popular types of surfing: wave surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing.


There are several surf clubs on Curaçao. Most of them can be found at Playa Kanoa and at the Sint Joris Bay. The north coastline of Curaçao is only suitable for experienced surfers, because the sea is very rough there.

The waves in Curaçao are not as high as the waves in Hawaii, but they are good enough. The waves are at least 30 cm. Curaçao is the ideal surfing spot for longboarders.

The strong wind at Playa Kanoa comes from the northwest, north and northeast. Big waves come from northeast and east. The best time to surf here is between 11 am - 3 pm.

Surf season

The best time to surf in Curaçao is from May to December. Around this time of year the hurricane season in the Caribbean begins and Curaçao receives the watered waves of the Hurricane.

Curaçao is located outside the hurricane zone itself, but you can feel the effects of the hurricanes to a slight degree.


Use the map to locate the surfing spots:

Playa Kanoa

Sint Joris Baai

Surf schools

Are you interesting in surfing, but never surfed before or you want to rent some surfing board? Then visit this website!

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Besides wave surfing, Curaçao offers beautiful spots for kitesurfing. Sint Joris Bay is the ideal place for kitesurfing. If you have never kite surfed before then get ready to experience the most exciting sport ever. You might want to take some kitesurfing classes at the Sint Joris Bay, because the first 40 meters are shallow. Perfect for beginners!

Kite season

The best period for kitesurfing in Curaçao is in the months of February to May. The average wind speed at Sint Joris Bay is 12 knots and, in some cases, even more than 25 knots.

Kitesurfing in Klein Curaçao

Are you an advanced kitesurfer? Maybe kitesurfing on Klein Curaçao is something for you! It is more difficult than at the Sint Joris Bay. Besides the Sint Joris Bay and Klein Curaçao there are a lot of spots for more experienced kite surfers. But if you want to experience the most adventurous side of Curaçao, we definitely recommend you to go surfing at Klein Curaçao!

Kitesurfing lessons

Are you interested and do you want to go kitesurfing in Curaçao? Then we will help you plan your adventure. Do you want to take some kitesurfing classes and/or want to rent some equipment’s? Visit this website for more information about kitesurfing lessons and kite boards.


Below we have added a map for you with the address and details of the Sint Joris Bay. Follow this route for your adventurous holiday!


Windsurfing is very popular in Curaçao, most windsurfers’ schools are at the Spanish Water. At the Spanish Water, a lagoon connected to the Caribbean Sea on the east side of Curacao, you’ll find a lot of surfers (advanced and beginners). Beside the Spanish Water you will find a lot of windsurfers' at the Sint Joris Bay. But the Spanish Water is most suitable for beginners, because it is less windy.

For the best windsurfing experience, most Curaçaoans go to Klein Curaçao. Klein Curaçao is a paradise for windsurfers. The wind force is always stable there, offering outstanding slalom conditions.

Windsurfing lessons

Would you like to take some windsurfing classes? Many windsurfing schools are located at the Spanish Water. Read more about windsurfing lessons on this website website.

Windsurfing season

The best time to windsurf in Curaçao is from February to May. Of course, you can also windsurf at any time of the year, but around these months you have the best wind speed. The average wind speed is 12 knots.


The Spanish Water

Sint Joris Baai

Klein Curaçao

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