Tula worked for years as a slave on the Kenepa plantation at the west side of Curaçao. In 1795 Tula liberated himself from the slavery. He no longer wanted to be a slave and protested against the injustice done to slaves by their masters.

On August 17, 1795, Tula lead the Slave Revolt in Curacao with more than 40 people, striving for freedom and equality. He advocated for freedom and told his Shon (landowner) Caspar Lodewijk van Uytrecht that they will no longer work for him.

This is how the first slave revolt started in the history of Curaçao. Under the leadership of Tula, more than 2.000 slaves presented their complaints to the governor in Willemstad (the capital of Curaçao).

Tula was an idol for the other slaves. He was respected as a leader. He was well informed and could speak several languages.

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