The most beautiful pink flamingos you will see at Williwood. Williwood (Sint Willibrordus) is a small region on the west side of Curaçao. Williwood is known for its flamingos and for the church of Willibrordus dated from 1880.

In 2011 the name of the district was changed from Sint Willibrordus to Williwood by a petition of the local residents. Williwood is no longer just a region, but has also become a brand. Williwood has become a must-see in Curaçao.

In Williwood there is a protected salt lagoon where the flamingos live. This lagoon is kind of stopover for the flamingos between Aruba and Bonaire. They stay here for a few days and then they continue their journey.

When visiting Williwood for the flamingos, you must visit the church too. Walk around the neighborhood and see how Curaçaoans live there.

After visiting Williwood you can take a refreshing dip in the water of Daaibooi Beach. It is about 10 minutes from Williwood by car. Or you can visit Porto Marie, that’s also a very nice beach close by.

Image credits: Jeroen van Luin

Image credits: Jeroen van Luin


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